What Is Google Perspectives and How It Will Impact Search Results


More Google Search features are coming, and they’re not just all about generative AI – a much-hyped artificial intelligence (AI) that converses and creates content with you. This time, the Google Search update focuses on helping you find people-generated discussions directly from the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Aptly called the Perspectives filter, users can now see unique “expertise and experience” from real people all around the world. Granted, this Google SERP feature is only available for mobile users at the moment. But should you prepare to rank better in this filter?

Well, our short answer is yes, and we’ll explain why.

Vying To Improve Search Results Further

The search giant has been hard at work pumping out Google SERP features these past few months, including:

 Search Generative Experience: Integrating generative AI capabilities to their Search.
 Google Lens: Allows you to search directly from your mobile screens.
 Travel and Product Search: You’ll now see snapshots of information from across the web, such as reviews, photos and business profile details.

All these are either rolled-out or beta features that leverage generative AI to improve search results, relevance and user experience. However, Perspectives is a Google project that wants you to see real people’s ideas and discussions (not AI-generated content) across the web.

Google Perspectives

Image: The Keyword by Google

According to Google, “this feature helps people better understand a [news] story by surfacing a variety of noteworthy voices and sources.

This means authoritative sources from various content platforms (and not just blogs and websites) get a chance to shine in Google’s organic search results.

Here’s how you can enable the Perspectives filter on your mobile device:

1. Use your Google mobile app. It’s available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
2. Look for the Perspectives filter at the top of your Search results.
3. Tap the filter to see the content available for you.

This is how the new Google SERP feature looks in real time:
Perspectives filter

From The Keyword by Google

Filters have always been a big part of the SERP experience. The most popular filters we’ve been using are images, videos, related topics and SafeSearch, a special filter that blurs out explicit results.

With Perspectives, you’ll further refine your results to see the most helpful information that real people have already shared.

The filter is crucial for brands to “Understand and connect with diverse audiences, leading to stronger customer relationships and increased loyalty,” said Ken Romero, Thrive’s SEO Strategist.

Romero also pointed out that Perspectives allow brands to avoid potential biases and stereotypes, ensuring an inclusive messaging and communication strategy.

The Big Reddit Blackout

But why did this Google project even come about in the first place?

If you’re following the news, major Reddit communities protested against Reddit’s profiteering off the user-generated wealth of knowledge by charging access to its API. This meant third-party developers who plan on using Reddit’s data had to pay for the privilege.

The move led to a massive blackout, with popular subreddits such as r/cooking and r/homeimprovement closing their doors to non-members.

For many years, Google Search features have offered snippets and answers from subreddit communities.

For example, if you’re searching for tutorials on how to fix your morning hair, a niche r/ community probably has an answer for you. However, as the blackouts happened, less and less of this repository became accessible for Google’s crawler.

Hence, the Google SERP features less Reddit content, much to the detriment of many users.

This Google Search update fixes the engine’s overreliance on Reddit by sourcing and displaying diversified information from more platforms.

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